LLP-6 Revolutionary Landing Light
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With the LLP-6 Safety Landing Light System

Originally developed to improve the night landing capability of the Bell 206 series, the LLP-6 System was quickly recognized as proving another major benefit to the 206 -- Recognition Visibility! Day or night this lighting system makes your Jet Ranger or Long Ranger Easy To See because it moves the landing and hover lights from their recessed positions to a more effective location. Coupled with the PULSELITE unit, this system makes your 206 the outstanding EYE CATCHER that we all want to be when other air traffic is around!

The LLP-6 System...

Greatly enhances recognition visibility.

More than doubles your current landing light effectiveness.

Extends bulb life.

Prevents landing light compartment from overheating.

Meets USFS, OAS and TOPS conspicuity lighting requirements.

Eliminates the factory plastic window allowing for easy access for bulb replacement and cleaning.

Time proven PULSELITE recognition enhances capability.

Modern Composite construction.

FAA STC/PMA and TC STA Approved for BH-206 series, patented.

See for yourself with this series of un-retouched photos.

These pictures were taken of two helicopters side-by-side, the one on the left has the standard recessed landing light and the one on the right has the LLP-6 Safety Light. Even at viewing angles where the standard landing light is visible, it is much less bright than the LLP-6 light. This is clearly shown in this un-retouched photograph.
The standard landing light, because of its recessed mount, is only visible up to 45 degrees from the left and even less, only 35 degrees, from the right. This limited arc is indicated by the dotted lines in drawing below. The LLP-6 light stays very visible all the way around to 85 degrees off center each side, indicated by the arcs with the double lines in the drawing below. The visibility is further enhanced with by the selective pulsating mode.

The LLP-6 gives your landing light two visual enhancements - a visual arc of 170 degrees vs. the standard 80 degrees and a pilot selective pulsating light mode. In the crowded skies of today's urban environments you need every safety advantage you can get!

Meets proposed new conspicuity requirements for USFS contracts!

Selected for Bell 206s used by Canadian DoD.

Easy field installation