PyroShot FBS-1
(Fire Ball Shooter One) Spring Powered Ground Ignition Hand Launcher
PyroShot FBS-1 Ops Manual

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The concept of a simple mechanical device to hand launch incendiary spheres belongs to C.T. "Rusty" Boys, owner of Field Support Services, who realized that calling in a helicopter to ignite small burn plots is not cost efficient, and that a drip torch ignites by putting a live flame literally under the operator’s feet. There had to be a better way, and so the PyroShot was born. It’s easy to use: a single pull/push action loads, charges and launches the sphere. The PyroShot is light and easy to carry in the field. Just screw on a bottle of ethylene glycol and toss a bag of Dragon Eggs over your shoulder and you’re ready to go. With a range of 40 to 75 feet, an operator can place a fire in any part of a 150 foot swath in a single pass.

PyroShot FBS-1 is a spring powered fire dispenser that's really proving its value in the field. It is hand held and the butt is placed against the hip. A rearward stroke of the slide cocks the spring and feeds one sphere into the barrel. On the forward (return) stroke a needle pierces the ball and a pump injects .5 cc of glycol, charging the ball. This shooter was always intended as a supplemental tool to use in hand burning and that's what it does best. Organizations have purchased one and tried it, only to return and order more. Sold with everything that you need to head for the field, except ammo and ethylene glycol.

The spring is released automatically at the end of the forward stroke and the charged ball is launched to the desired location. No operator action is required other than to pull the slide back and move it forward to dispense charged balls. A delay of 20 to 60 seconds, depending on ambient temperature, occurs before ignition.

The FBS-1 is an excellent tool to support ground firing forestry operations. Using proven aerial ignition chemistry, it can place an ignition point up to 75 feet from your position. Rotating the butt plate moves the main spring base forward to preset tension for existing conditions. This allows control over both range and cocking effort. The mechanically operated displacement pump ensures very consistent glycol delivery for super reliable ignition. The 250 cc glycol bottle will charge about 450 spheres. All aluminum parts are Hard Coat Anodized and all hardware is Stainless Steel to reduce maintenance and increase durability.

Simple soap and water clean-up and light lubrication will provide years of trouble-free service.

Uses: The primary function of the PyroShot is to supplement the use of drip torches for ground ignition operations. It is a labor saving, barrier defeating device. It has been designed to allow the operator to place spot fire at a location that may be difficult or impossible to fire with a torch. Ditches, canals, creeks, bogs, briars, fences, thickets and deep drainages are just some of the terrain features that the PyroShot can help you avoid.

With a max range of 75 feet, an operator can place fire in any part of a 150 foot swath in a single pass through the woods. This can really reduce the time required to burn small to medium sized plots. Wildfire burnout and backfire operations can be conducted with greater speed and less effort.

Since there is no open flame, the PyroShot can safely be used where a drip torch may present a hazard. ATVs, four wheelers and airboats have already been used to dispense Dragon Eggs with the FBS-1.

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