Bambi Bucket
Bambi Bucket Manuals

For decades the Bambi Bucket has been the industry standard for helicopter wildfire fighting equipment. Bambi Buckets were invented by and are manufactured by SEI Industries in Vancouver BC Canada. Field Support Services is the U.S. Repair Station for Bambi Bucket parts and service, and since 1995 we have provided fast, efficient, quality support to you, the helicopter professionals.

Have a look at SEI's website HERE.



We stock an extensive supply of Bambi Bucket repair parts here in Atlanta. Same day shipping, overnight delivery, no international paperwork to slow things down. We can get you back to work ASAP, which is what it’s all about in the helicopter firefighting business.

New Buckets

All new Bambi Buckets must be purchased directly from SEI Industries. Just call toll-free 1-866-432-2624 and let Brenda or Philip fix you up. Don’t forget to mention that you got the number from Field Support Services.

As the U.S. Bambi Bucket Repair Station, we perform maintenance at all levels, including complete rebuild with new shell, cables, valve, etc., often at a substantial cost savings over purchasing a new unit. And the term ‘quick turn’ is definitely in our vocabulary! By the way, the orange shell material is technically called ‘oil boom urethane’ (or OBU) although it is often referred to as vinyl. Just send in your experienced bucket and we’ll perform a complete inspection and cost report at no charge. We will only proceed when you give the go ahead. And don’t forget to include your contact info with the bucket shipment.