Dragon Eggs

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The incendiary devices, called Dragon Eggs, are 1” diameter polystyrene hollow spheres with 3 grams of Potassium Permanganate sealed inside. They are used with SEI Industries’ Red Dragon and Green Dragon, and also with all PyroShot launchers. Cost is $250.00 per box of 1000 spheres plus standard UPS ground shipping from Atlanta.

Dragon Eggs are also available shipped directly from Vancouver (where they are manufactured by SEI Industries) at $231.00 per box in full pallets of fifty. This will save you money if you can buy in bulk and can wait a couple of weeks for delivery. Order through us here at Field Support Services.

Ethylene Glycol: You will have to supply ethylene glycol locally. Automotive antifreeze works just fine, as long as it is the standard old-fashioned kind (ethylene-glycol-based non-diluted).

Sphere Handling for Helicopter Applications



Safety Lanyard keeps the Bag in the Aircraft
1000 to 4000 Ball Versions
Gross Weight Printed on Bag
Positive Locking Zipper
Reinforced Handles
Designed for Use with Flight Gloves
Closure Lock Prevents Spills
Shell From FAA Compliant Material
Locking Zipper Sets Opening Size

Sphere Handling for Ground Applications

Shoulder bags that hold 500 Dragon Eggs make hiking through the brush with your PyroShot a snap. No need to worry about stuffing your spare ammo into your pockets. One shoulder bag is included with each new PyroShot purchased.

MSDS Potassium Permanganate MSDS Ethylene Glycol Dragon Eggs SEI Brochure